Thursday, June 6, 2013

President Hassan Sheikh: A Tribal – Clan Fanatic

President Hassan Sheikh: A Tribal – Clan Fanatic

Somali President Hassan Sheikh arrived Kenya with delegation consisting and comprised all Hawiye his tribe.  He met with President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta with his team consisting of a highly qualified diverse ministers and aides including Kenya’s first Somali ethnic Foreign Minister Amina.  This photo released by the President’s inexperienced press staff caused an outrage by many Somalis who are angry of the president’s delegation who are all from one clan.  This is evidence that is given to the Somali public by all Hawiye presidential delegation, most of whom were Abgaal and Shiiqaal clans. 

This photo comes just a day after President Uhuru met all Darod delegation team led by Regional President of Puntland.  Following the same footsteps Hassan Sheikh met Uhuru with all Hawiye team of President Hassan’s team as the Federal President of Somali Nation which belongs to many tribes and clans.  This is indicative the immaturity of Hassan Sheikh and his lack of leadership to represent whole Somalia.  THIS IS NOT ABSULATELY HOW A NATIONAL PRESIDENT LEADING A UNITARY NATIONAL GOVERNMENT BEHAVES OR SELECTS HIS DELEGATIONS.

They expressed their desire to remain on the diving force and tribal fanatic.   This is an action that could result a deep divide and mistrust among the 4 major Somali clans including the Digil Mirifle who have lately been suspicious and skeptical on President Hassan’s one-sided Hawiye politics and marginalization of other Somali tribes.  Protesting vigorously at the exclusion of Digil Mirifle Ministers out of the high level conferences and delegations pertaining to Digil Mirifle regional administrations and constituencies, MPs of Digil Mirifle are angry of the repeated double standards, political exclusions of their ministers, and constant degrading of DM Ministers.

Digil Mirifle MPs, Intellectuals, Women, Scholars and Elders call for political inclusion that allows interest articulation by all Somali groups.  It produces the feeling of being represented. It engages diverse actors, thereby making the system as democratic as possible.   They warn Hassan Sheikh to refrain from political exclusion, lack of representation and inclusion.  There is no room or space for clan fanatics in Somali politics.

See the list of delegation accompanied by Hassan Sheikh who has now made clear to all Somalis his true color and motivations as the leader of Hawiye President not a national president. 

Weftigii Madaxweynaha Somalia Xassan Sheikh Maxamuud Culusoow kala qeyb galay shirkii lagu qabtay Japan garan magacyadooda , waa kan liiskoodu

1-Xuseen Iidoow - Beesha Madaxweynaha.
2-Ibraahim Baana - Beesha Madaxweynaha.
3-Eng. Yariisoow - Beesha Madaxweynaha.
4-Xaayoow Gacal - Beesha Madaxweynaha.
5-Pres. Xassan Sh. Mohamoud Culusow -Madaxweyne
.6-Kamaal - Beesha Madaxweynaha..
7-Sheekh Ciise - Beesha Madaxweynaha.
8-Dr. Abdullah Afrax - Beesha Madaxweynaha.

9-Cabdiraxman Caynte - Beesha Madaxweynah


  1. I don't think that your inflammatory comments and analysis are helping at all specially when few individuals travel with the president or any other leader therefore be constructive and have a re conciliatory tone...what matter is what he does but not who goes with him.

    1. sheekadini miyaanay u ekayn sadex dawlad-goboleed, laba wada socdiyo iyo migooniya,
      waa wax lagu farxo at last in Haawiye dantiisii gartay oo dawlad goboleed dhistay.