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Jubaland Worst Form of Land-Grabbing and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Before the Sultanate of Muscut (Oman) back in 1800s, the Digil Mirifle people more specifically the Geledi Sultanate owned this land, this before Harti-Ogaden invasion of Jubaland. With cities still called and named what Digil Mirifle ancestries called/named in distinct Somali language of Maay. It is all in history books, and currently the most recent population count indicate that majority of the eople in Kismay and other Juba towns are Digil Mirifle, Bajunis, Wagosha, Shiiqaal, Ormale, Gaal Jecel and the settlers.

The Digil Mirifle elders and members of their communities across the world manifest and make it clear to the world especially the IGAD, neighboring countries and the Somali government that the indigenous people of Digil Mirifle and their allied clans have special relationship with their land. The close ties of indigenous people of Digil Mirifle with their 6-regions and land must be recognized and understood as the fundamental basis of their cultures, their spiritual life, their integrity and their economic survival … their relations to the land are not merely a matter of possession and production but a material and spiritual element, which they must fully enjoy even to preserve their cultural legacy and transmit it to future generations. This manifestation comes after increasing land-grabbing efforts and more aggression and invasion of Harti-Absame alliances supported and financed by Puntland wanting to reignite regional civil war between settlers and indigenous people.

After long civil war and mass attacks against the indigenous people of Jubal regions and shabelle are now faced new invasion. From the lower Juba, thousands of Digil Mirifle and Bantu farmers fled across the border to Kenya, where they joined Ormale and Bajuni victims of the earlier land removals ( Prendergast June 1994; Menkhaus 1993, No. 1). Now with the help of Kenyan forces and ex-Shabab members led by Madoobe Islam want to take away Digil Mirifle lands without regard of any government laws, Somali constitution or any other regional laws.

The Harti-Absame factional militias are working to consolidate control over Digil Mirifle territories especially areas where their clansmen were numerically dominant. UNHCR data from Kenya suggests that repatriation had accelerated after Absame capture of Kismayo, especially among refugees from the Majerteen, and Ogaden clans (UNHCR Sept. 2013). These are causing more worries on none-invasion law-abiding clans who are still subject to threats from Harti-Absame invasion. In Juba regions, Harti-Absame whose numerical strength in the region had been deliberately built up by Siyad Barre's land resettlement programs of the 1970s and 1980s, are seizing farm land from the Digil Mirifle and allied clans, forcing them into dependent tenancy or flight to Kenyan refugee camps. Making things worst, the influx of Ogaden refugees from Ethiopia (chiefly Mohamed Zubeir supporters of former warlord Omar Jess' SPM and now Ahmed Madowe Islam) into the hinterlands of Kismayu and now setting their own unbalanced local federal state.

Currently, everyone is calling to won or to have lived once in Kismayu because of the problems caused by Harti-Absame alliance and their agenda for land-grabbing as depicted in these cartoons by Amin Amir. Somali government, IGAD and other world powers have to intervene this messy situation of land grabbing and come to the aid of the Indigenous Digil Mirifle people.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President Hassan and Saacid: Need A Transformative Discussion About Tribalism Amongst Their Staff Members

President Hassan and Saacid: Need A Transformative Discussion About Tribalism Amongst Their Staff Members
By: Sufi

ACCUSATIONS of tribalism and "favoritism" (whatever the latter means in Somalia's political jargon) have been flowing thick and fast against the Rally to unseat Prime Minister Saacid and Hassan Sheikh since they have dismissed Digil Mirifle ambassadors and generals, and cut down their membership in the Somali government under a violation of the country’s UN brokered power-sharing agreement.
These accusations have come from the highest levels of our state in the form of Parliamentarians at political rallies and parliament debates, including long articles authored by the members of the Somali Digil Mirifle diaspora and its citizens in every media outlets in both locally and globally.
Yet, it should be noted that the motion against Saacid is the result of a bribery that him and his wife took in the appointment of Mr. Goobe in Chief NSA in Somalia, exposed the fault lines that exist in Somali politics about tribalism and corruption.
When Saacid and his wife, both related in marriage, started taking bribery for office nominations, it was seen as business as usual, both within Somalia and in the international community.  These caught the eyes of Digil Mirifle MPs who have been long watching the decline of Digil Mirifle members in the Somali Federal Government.  These led the revival of the rootless RRA faction militia that aimed at libertying much of the Southern Somalia against Caydiid and his militia.   

Tribalism is now becoming a recurrent theme in most of the appoitnments and staffing in Somalia government offices. President Hassan and Saacid are the ones that leading these malpractices in public offices.  Both are not a transformative and ethical on discussions about tribalism in their offices. Nor is it one of personal conviction, followed by concrete results in the ordering of the Somali society. 
To think clearly about tribalism requires the President, the Prime Minister and all of us to see this country on a split-screen- maintain in our sights a post-tribal Somalia, while squarely looking at Somalia as it is.
How can Somalis start trusting this President, when his Chief of Staff is related to him in Hawiye, his most trusted is Minister of State another Hawiye from Shiiqaal, and his assistances like Kampala is also another relative. 
Hassan Sheikh and Saacid’s practice and acts of tribalism undermines the ideals of a fair and just society; one which informed the raison d'ĂȘtre of resistance against colonialism, dictatorship, warlordism and later the transition struggle.

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Dacwad ka Dhan ah Madaxweyne Xassan Sheekh iyo Saacid

Dacwad ka Dhan ah Madaxweyne Xassan Sheekh iyo Saacid

May 13, 2013

Annagoo ah muwaadiniin Soomaaliyeed gaar ahaan Beelweynta Digil Mirifle oo isugu jira dad waxgarad ah oo ka kooban bulshada qeybaheeda kala duwan, sida dumar, rag, saraakiil, macalimiin, aqoonyahanno, dhallinyaro iyo waayeelba, waxaan si buuxda u caddeyneynaa in aan ka soo horjeedno xilalka aad ku soo koobeysid qabiilkaagii keligiis iyo qaska aad ku wada heshiiskii awood qeybsiga ee shanta beelood ee Soomaaliyeed.  Jalle madaxweyne, ma Soomaali baad madaweyne u tahay mise beel gaar? Maxaa sababey in shaqaalaha kugu hareereysan ee madaxtooyada ay u yihiin dad adiga ku xigo? Maxaad xaqii Digil Mirifle ugu soo koobtey wasiiro iyo ku xigeeno oo ciidanka xooga dalka hal janan ay ku leheen.  Saafaaradaha muhiimka ah waxaad siisey reerkaa iyo saaxiibadaa. Maxaad u rabta in aad gaartid dano gaar ah oo lid ku ah xilkaagii laguu dhaariyey.

Hoos Ka Akhriso inta Xil Aysan Beelweynta Digil iyo Mirifle Waxba Ku Laheyn.

1-Taliyaha Ciidamda Xooga Soomaaliyeed.
2-Taliyaha ciidanka Asluubta soomaaliyeed.
3-Taliyaha Ciidamda Sirdoonka.
4-Taliyaha Ciidanka Badda.
5-Taliyaha Laanta Socdaalka.
6-Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare.
7-Gudoomiyaasha Maxkamadaha Ciidanka.
8-Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Shacabka.
9-Gudoonka Sare ee Bankiga Dhexe Soomalaiya.
10-Xisaabiyaha Guud Ee Qaranka.
11-Maamulka Sare, Dhexe, Iyo Xamaaliba Dekeda Muqdisho.
13-Maamulka Gobolka Banaadir Caasimada Soomaaliya.
14- Qunsulooyinka Inta Safaaradood Ee Caalamka aanu ku leenahay,
14- xoghayaasha iyo diplamaasiyiinta kale ee ka howlgala safaaradahaasi.
15-Hogaanka Maamulka Madaxtooyada.
16- Wakiilada UN-ka Janeva.
17 Wakiilka UN Ee NY.
18- Midowga Afrika.
19- Midowga Jaamacada Arabta.
20- Bankiga Islaamka.
21- Wakiilada Wadamo badan oo Afrika ah oo laga dhigey M.Ali Americo.
22- Agaasimiyaasha iyo Agaasime waaxyada hay’adaha Dowladda.

Fadlan halkan ku dar magacaaga, una sii gudbi walaalaha kale ee nabadda jecel:

Saturday, May 11, 2013



As Somali Digil Mirifle MPs plan to bring a motion for vote of No-Confidence against Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.  He avoids returning the country while his allies and advisers are busy meeting with Digil Mirifle MPs who are now supported by parliament members from the Darod clan.

Hassan Sheikh is now delaying returning to Mogadishu to avoid Vote of No-Confidence. The current Somali Parliament impasse started when Hassan Sheikh replaced Digil Mirifle ambassadors and Police Commissioner in violation of Somalia’s power sharing agreement.

One tribe/clan occupies majority of key positions.
At national level, perception is mostly about Hawiye, and
much more complex at state/local level. Digil Mirifle lives didn’t improve at all since Hassan Sheikh came to office.
 The President’s Office and Prime Minister’s Office practice Unfair Government Employment Practices. Government offices top to bottom with same tribe/clan/family. For a bout one week Digil Mirifle MPs including the Speaker of the Somali Parliament have been requesting under transparent government rules to produce list of all those that are currently employed at Villa Somalia (president’s office), and Prime Minister Saacid’s office.

‘In the future, Somalia would be among the most successful countries if all tribes and the government are united, but if people are to work for personal interests, it would
be one of the worst countries in the world.’ Said Digil Mirifle Protestor in London.Tribalism is key barrier to successful Somalia.  Hassan Sheikh is entirely leading a country made by his tribe only.  Only his tribesmen surround him all the time in Villa Somalia.  He will soon be out of touch by the Somali people all, like Saddam Hussein, and his presidency will end.  Why can’t he take advantage of Somalia’s ethnic diversity? Why can’t he do what he preaches?

Many Somalis had hoped and still hope a country that is built on principles of ethnic equality, democracy, rule of law and federalism. There was a reason for people to be optimistic about the future of Somalia. Those who had hoped that Somalia would become a paradise of equality justified their argument on the belief that the people of Somalia had bitterly struggled for equality during the many years of civil war.
Killing all hopes, ethnic domination is practiced on the basis of clan employment in president and prime minister’s offices and political ideology. Somalis are marginalized as a unit because the Damuljadiid/Hawiye elites want to control and have all powers. Within the Hawiye and Dauljadiid, there is some sort of power-sharing among the tribes of Abgaal, Habar Gidir, Murasade, etc. Political participation in the government was not dictated by one tribal affiliation but by whether one is a member of a sectarian party or DamulJadiid.

Filling ministries with one’s tribe—a practice mostly demonstrated by Hawiye ministers—continued up to now and many ministries in Mogadishu are dominated either by one tribe or a clan depending on where the Ministers who set them up came from. Majority of employees in the President’s Office are from Hawiye because Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is Abgaal Hawiye.  From his press/media advisor Eng. Yariisow to his chief of staff a Hawiye-Habar Gidir to his State Minister Hawiye-Shiiqaal.  No one single Digil Mirifle or other Somali tribes are employed in Villa Somali – an office that should have been a uniting symbol of justice, equality and united Somalia is controlled by one tribe and practices unfair hiring/employment practices of exclusion.

What is causing violence in Southern Somalia mainly Shabelle region is currently a public realm ethnicity which denies Digil Mirifle and Southern clans public government positions because of their ethnic backgrounds.  Public realm tribalism being practiced by Hassan Sheikh’s regime is responsible for ministries to be filled by one tribe; it is also responsible for land grabbing in Shabelle regions, Afgoye, Marka, Janaale, and etc.

He is also responsible for the rape and kidnappings of Digil Mirifle IDPs in Mogadishu camps. The on-going political violence in the Somalia is a manifestation of negative aspect of tribalism as opposed to tribalism being practiced in the villages. It is the state-sponsored tribalism, which we are more concerned about because ethnic domination at the level of nation, as opposed to ethnic consciousness in Hawiyeland, is divisive, and of parochial form that can lead to violence.

A government, which is made up of 72%, Hawiye, giving the entire key posts to Hassan Sheikh’s clan. He awarded his tribe, Hawiye, over ten Ministerial and Deputy posts in addition to his post, the Chief of Security, Chief Justice of Somali Supreme Court and the Governor of the Bank of Somalia, key ambassadors all are given Non-Digil Mirifle clans, few for Darod and Dir. Although Digil Mirifle, Darod, Dir and other clans make-up 80% of all Somali population and has higher population than Hawiye, the latter make-up large percentage of President’s staff, ambassadors and armed force generals.  


To Whom It May Concern

Urgent Appeal

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Mogadishu Somalia- This urgent appeal intends to bring your attention to the plight of the over 360,000 families in the IDP camps of Mogadishu. These camps have become a place where famine entrepreneurs, clan militias coupled with the non-existence of Rule of Law and gross human rights violations occur on daily basis. We, as the traditional elders of the Digil and Mirifle Clan, would like appeal to you to help these families repatriate back to their communities.
Today there are over 360,000 families populating the IDP camps in Mogadishu. Over whelming majority of these families come from the southern farming communities of the Lower Shebelle, Bay, Bakool, Gedo and Middle Juba regions. Historically these regions have always been the breadbasket of the country and as these once productive families languish in these camps a great opportunity in food security and therefore peace for Somalia is being lost. These camps have become poverty, rape and crime infested areas and worse yet it is the prime recruitment center for Al-shabab resulting from the abundance of disparate idle youth. Unfortunately, Since 2010, the IDPs lacked access to power and decision making, income generating opportunities and do not enjoy protection provided by the dominant sub clans of the host clans. Additionally, gender based discrimination and violence, particularly rape of young girls and women is widespread.

Unfortunately, these displaced people have not met with the humanity they deserved when they arrive the camps. The IDPs have been put into camps whereby the famine entrepreneurs in the form of local NGOs use them through an enriching schema. After some investigation the elders found that the food donation from the international community have mostly been squandered in the following way;

First, the food is being received on behalf of the IDPs by the local NGOs, while some of these do deliver the food in an honest way, however, majority of the NGOs are in the business for lining up their pockets. For example, a camp has been assigned to receive 100 ton of food immediately the IDPs will be summoned to sit on the food and their picture taken. After the picture is taken the food would be taken back with force by the gatekeepers and their militias, then the NGOs sells 95% of the food to businessmen.
Second, in some cases IDPs receive a resettlement grant from INGOs e.g. UNHCR and various Islamic relief organizations. The first action is to shut down that particular camp and load the families on trucks in order to satisfy the charity organization. Then IDPs are taken only to the outskirts of Mogadishu and sold to another NGO and his/her gatekeepers as new IDP for a nominal fee. Often each family is allocated US$ 3000 towards their resettlement, unfortunately only 10% (or US $300) goes to the family and the rest will be divided between the NGO, gatekeepers and middle men.

Third, the beneficiaries of this schema are currently campaigning for relocation of these IDP camps into the outskirts of the Mogadishu rather than repatriation to their original locations. The traditional elders of the Digil and Mirifle have in the past advocated that this is a wrong- headed policy that only recycles the current squalid existence of the IDPs in Mogadishu. Moreover, Somalia’s peace and prosperity will be hindered by this policy and we believe that it will create ghettoized shanty towns that only produce crime, poverty and human rights violation.

Therefore, the traditional elders of the Digil and Mirifle would like to take this opportunity to thank those that donated to help the IDPs. Unfortunately, however, their kind donations have created underground and illegal mafias who benefitted and continue to benefit the misery of the IDPs. In order to curb this continuous problem the following remedial strategies need to be adopted so that donations are spent in an effective way;
The donors and INGOs to involve the traditional elders and the intellectuals of the clans populating the IDPs, in this case the Digil and Mirifle clan. Currently, the donors come and meet with an exclusive people in places like the Mogadishu Airport and receive a beautifully drafted report and without any attempt for verification they accept it. By engaging the elders it will increase transparency and accountability and they will ensure that IDPs benefit the donated food and cash.
The traditional elders finalized profiling exercise where each elder enumerated his clansmen in IDPs in Mogadishu camps and they are in a position to share their findings with relevant stakeholders identifying. As significant number of families are ready for repatriation we recommend that the traditional elders be involved in the repatriation process so that they could identify people who opted for repatriation and assist them resettle back into their communities.

We recommend that the government take dual track process in dealing with IDPs in Mogadishu;

a) IDPs who are not willing to go back to be given plot of land and assisted with essentials instead of being relocated to government controlled camp.

b) Those want to go back to their communities they should be assist and not subjected to the relocation exercise.

Digil and Mirifle Council of Elders

Thank you in advance for your generous support.


Muumin Hassan


President Hassan Sheikh: the Mugabe of Somalia

Before his trip to London Hassan Sheikh has issued a statement suggesting a major change in policy, expressing a closeness to a power-sharing deal and pledging not to grant numerous rights to other Somali clans like Digil Mirifle that were denied under Somalia’s dictatorial government.

Asha Elmi, an influential Hawiye advocate and wife of Prime Minister Saacid, says, “We are looking to monopolize power. We want an all-Hawiye government,” noted Asha Elmi who delivered the statement in a speech during UK Diaspora meeting with members of Hawiye tribe.
Currently, it looks that THE dirty face of politics in Somali is the abnormal fixation on not sharing power until foreign powers or the UN mediates it or negotiates it.  This seems to be the main underlying problem in the current Digil Mirifle and Hassan Sheikh impasse, for instance. The same is still true of other Somali tribes, and other key Southern clans. The current crisis in Somali politics is an ambition by Hassan Sheikh and Saacid to exclude Digil Mirifle leaders in the sharing of political power; which in itself is a direct line to state and national resources. One can go on and enumerate all cases in the Somali power-sharing stalemate that have gone either to full-blown war or to some civil strife as a result of the politics of exclusion in sharing what many Somalis call the ‘national pie’.

Just look at the photos below for signs of growing hostility and ethnic political impasse perpetuated by Hassan Sheikh and Saacid.  Speaker Jawari who has usually and often been attending similar meetings, recently started boycotting attendances in conferences including this rally in Mogadishu. 

Again, Jawari and other Digil Mirifle MPs boycotted swearing in ceremony and party held today for the new Somali Police Commissioner.  In attendance were Prime Minister Saacid and all other Hawiye Ministers as well as supporters.