Sunday, May 5, 2013



After the election of President Hassan Sheikh and the massive call by UN Secretary Banki Moon and other world leaders as well as other prominent Digil & Mirifle leaders calling for inclusive government and representation has now placed Somalia into what all Somalis of all stripes are now phrasing 'THE MESS OF OUR TIME'.

Power Sharing is a strategy for resolving Somalia’s clan conflict, injustices and power grabbing like the Somali dictators did in the past. Instead of fighting over who should have power over whom, power sharing relies on the joint exercise of power. After long and so many efforts and peace conferences mediated by the UN and neighboring countries. President Hassan finally broke these promises and so many peace agreements by consolidating power within his clan and massively excluding all Digil & Mirifle and other associated clans like Bantu, Bajunis, Wagosha people and many others from key government positions. He has recently replaced many Digil & Mirifle positions to other clans of his allies whom are all Non-Digil Mirifle. This movement has created many in Digil & Mirifle communities around world including renowned MPs to condemn and call to abandon all their seats in the parliament and to bring a motion to the parliament to unseat President Hassan.

Many in the Digil Mirifle communities in Somalia and the Daispora are now worried the deteriorating effects of power sharing to the citizens of their regions in the South Somalia.
“Evidently, President Hassan and Prime Minister Hassan Sheikh’s disregard of the Somali power sharing will undermine accountability in government. In fact, Digil Mirifle people are no longer represented in this government. This is truly a sad day.” Said Digil Mirifle elders at Hotel Amiir Meeting.

Currently no Digil & Mirifle are represented in:

1. Somali Central Bank (Gudoonka Sare ee Bankiga Dhexe Soomalaiya)
2. Villa Somalia or Office of the President (Hogaanka Maamulka Madaxtooyada)
3. The Central Courts (Xisaabiyaha Guud Ee Qaranka)
4. Management in Somali Sea Port (Maamulka Sare, Dhexe, Iyo Xamaaliba Dekeda Muqdisho)
5. Leadership and Management of Banadir Regional Office (Maamulka Gobolka Banaadir Caasimada Soomaaliya)
6. Digil Mirifle have no ambassadors in all of Somali missions abroad except 2. (Dm Waxba Kuma Laha Safaaradaha Aduunka Marka Laga Reebo 2 Aan Jirin iyo Mid Dabada Loogu Dheegan Yahay)

“Just ask yourself, President Hassan, Saacid and MPs, who is more corrupt? So now, if there is power sharing, then, who will check who? Less inclusive government does not help Somali development and we must never encourage it.” Said MP MAX'ED ISAAQ FANAX.

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