Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Protest scheduled to oppose the Somali Federal Government’s diplomatic appointments

A mass protest is set to take place on Friday May 10, 2013 in the commercial capital of Bay Region, Baydhabo, and Digil Mirifle strong hold city. Digil Mirifle protesters will be gathering to demonstrate what they see as the unfair allocation of diplomatic positions and the exclusion of all Digil Mirifle leaders, ambassadors and generals from government posts. Of the 21 new diplomatic appointments announced, 18 are males, 10 belong to President Mohamud’s tribal block and only 1 is from a minority group.

Over 75 MPs and Somali Parliament Speaker have repeatedly lobbied for aid, scholarships, and government positions to be equally distributed among the different regions of the country. Specially the Digil Mirifle community who are severely marginalized, and left out of any government post.  Only 2 of the 21 new diplomats have ties to the Digil Mirifle communities.

The organizer of the protest, believes the appoints will serve to alienate segments of the Somali population and is calling on the Somali Federal Government to appoint diplomats based on fairness and equality.

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