Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 How to Save Somalia From Civil War

SOMALIA today stands on the brink of disaster. World community kept their pledge to support Somalia, but the Somali Federal Government under Hassan Sheikh, the country is heading toward more civil war. The prize, for which so many Somalis believed and hoped for, was a functioning democratic and non-tribal country. But the Somali Federal Government is now moving in the opposite direction — toward a tribal autocracy that carries with it the threat of devastating renewed civil war.

Since Somalia’s 2012 election, we have witnessed the subordination of the country to President Hassan Sheikh’s tribe and his DamulJadiid Party, the erosion of judicial independence, the intimidation of opponents and the dismantling of independent institutions intended to promote clean governance and combat corruption. All of this happened during the London Conference, while other countries are uniting in supporting Somalia.  Hassan Sheikh is planning marginalizing and antagonizing Digil Mirifle Communities.   Instead, uniting the country and fairly leading government made up by all Somalis including Digil Mirifle, he is planting a sapling tree of civil war against his Southern and Southwest citizens.  Digil Mirifle communities are now treated as second class citizens.  All are congregated in IDP camps under difficult harsh conditions with constant harassment by his tribal militia or so called Somali army.

Digil Mirifle MPs and leaders of the Somali parliament, the country’s lawmakers who now make-up more than a quarter of the Somali parliament and represent more than a 35 percent of all Somalis, are now opposing this government under Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Saacid. Digil Mirifle MPs are not thinking of themselves only, but as all Somalis, and with their constituencies spanning the entire country. They are now being hounded and threatened by President Hassan Sheikh and Saacid who is attempting to drive Digil Mirifle leaders out of Somalia’s political life and create an authoritarian one-party Somalia.

It did not have to happen this way. The Somali people emerged from the bloody and painful transition after the fall of Siyad Bare’s regime hoping for a brighter future. After President Hassan Sheikh’s election, Digil Mirifle people and the rest of Somalis felt there was a real opportunity to create a new Somalia that could be a model for the region. Somalia needed the United Nation to protect the political process, to prevent violations of the Constitution, protect power-sharing agreement, equal distribution of powers, and to help develop democratic institutions. Now the winner takes all, the rest are left throwing stones or to form opposition.  This is not the way it is supposed to be.

For the sake of stability, Digil Mirifle leaders agreed to join the federal government following a landmark power-sharing agreement reached years ago in Djibouti. However, for more than six months now President Hassan Sheikh has refused to implement this agreement, instead concentrating greater power in his own hands and his inner circle.

Unless International Community acts rapidly to help create a successful unity federal government, Somalia is doomed.

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