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As the media shift attention from Hassan Sheikh’s conference to conference on Somalia, one continuing, omnipresent tragedy goes willfully ignored, the politics of exclusion that Hassan Sheikh practices and his repeated degradation of Digil Mirifle Ministers as well as the lack of representations in the high-level delegations.  Nowhere is this more evident than Hassan Sheikh’s recent delegation to Kenya on high-level talks on Jubaland, where the new government, dominated by Hawiye clan, made all of the delegation with no representation of Digil Mirifle constituencies.  President Hassan boycotted and denied Digil Mirifle Ministers of Defense, Information and Media Deputy Ministers, and Foreign Deputy Ministers. 

As UK and Japan conferences dominate the headlines, Somali President Hassan Sheikh has quickly gone about shaping what was once a country from balanced power-shared transition into a nation in a verge of tribal power fight. The Somalia’s end of transition phase was ambitious and full of hopes for pluralist democracies where all Somalis were equal under the law, and resources shared equally where the parliament would act the mediator as well as the protector of the previous power-sharing peace agreements.
Quickly these hopes are fading, only to be supplemented with theocratic regimes made by all-Hawiye Damu-jadiid factions who are potentially worse than those which preceded them.

Approximately 75% of Somalis have expressed growing despondency as to the nature of the clan favoritism that exists in Villa Somalia where almost all of the staff are Hawiye clan who are directly related to the president. Many Somali MPs and Ministers have found themselves repeatedly shut out of dialogue by the nations’ DamuJadiid members and inner circles of President Hassan Sheikh who are determined to enshrine their dominance into law. 

HASSAN SHEIKH IS already heavy with tribal and clan affiliations, Politics of Exclusion further divides Somalia as President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud engages in a type of governance based on clan-favoritism. This is a challenge that is tearing Somalia apart and it includes the tendency of manipulating ethnic identities for private interest as Hassan Sheikh often noticed practicing. One doesn’t have to go far but only pick a photo of the president attending conferences on Somalia. Most world leaders think that they are meeting with Somali delegation, but the fact is that they are only meeting one clan called Hawiye who have perpetuated the long civil war in Somalia.

“Hassan Sheikh swept to power on the promise that he would rule for all Somalis, including the Digil Mirifle communities.  Hassan Sheukh must be held accountable to his solemn pledge to bring peace and tolerance to the marginalized communities of Somalia.”

List of delegation to Japan and their clan.  Where is the powershring agreement. 
1: Xuseen Iidoow – Agaasime ku-xigeenka Madaxtooyada, Murursade, Hawiye

2: Ibraahim Baana – Protocol of the Presient, Abgaal, Hawiye

3: Eng. Yariisoow – Information, Abgaal, Hawiye

4: Xaayoow Gacal – Wasiirul Dowlaha arrimaha dibedda, Murursade, Hawiye

5: Kamaal – Chief of Protocol, Habargidir, Hawiye

6: Sheekh Ciise – Abgaal, Hawiye

7: Abudalahi Afrah – Abagaal, Hawiye

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