Tuesday, August 13, 2013


August 13, 2013 (BAYDHABO) – At least 30 Digil Mirifle MPs have started formal complaint process, investigation and parliamentary process that seeks the suspension of Somali Minister of Defense Abdihakim Faqi from his duties and lifted his immunities to be investigated for a corruption related case.

The local Bay and Bakool region administrators have complained to Digil Mirifle MPs after salaries and other training funds were transferred and stolen by Abdihakim Faqi and his aides.  Many funds that were supposed to be paid to the local military and police who are engaged brutal daily fights against Al-shabaab were diverted into Gedo and Kismayo to militia loyal PM Saacid.

In a subsequent effort, Digil Mirifle MPs formed an investigation committee headed by former Somali anti-corruption chairperson investigate Minister Faqi who lavishly benefited and profited millions of aid money to the starved Somali children from the Bay and Bakool regions in which he heals from.

The terms of reference for the investigation will include establishing who authorizes salaries to the Somali soldieries in Bay region, who divert their salaries, why those solders in Southern Somalia mainly in Baydhabo are not paid for months, and why their salary amount is always lower than the average monthly salaries paid to those in other regions like Jubaland, Gedo and Beledwayne.  Why there are not sufficient training and equipment for those heroic men and women in the line of duty? Why the minister does show more favoritism to his political allies/masters at the expense of the more patriotic Somalis in the South?  

Minster Abdihakin Faqi is fueling clan tensions and favoritism against Southern Somalis in favor of his Damujadiid political masters. Members of the Southern Somali’s military commander’s, for example, are all appointed by Minister Faqi are all Habar Gidir, this led the current civil war among the locals in Marka. 

Listen military commander in Baydhabo complained lack of salary in which led increased looting by men in uniform while their salaries were diverted other regions.

See the link below in Baydhabo governemnt military deserted their duties for lack of pay and unpaid salary.

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