Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(BREAKING NEWS): All-Hawiye Somali Government New Deal consultation is halted for the second day in Baydhabo

All-Hawiye Somali Government New Deal consultation is halted for the second day in Baydhabo by the Bay regional administrators who are accusing the Somali government for manipulating and mismanaging the process by excluding Digil Mirifle members. 

The New Deal Task Force was refused to meet with anyone, and was informed to return to Mogadishu.  Bay regional administrators have informed the All-Hawiye task force that their security cannot be guaranteed by the administration.  The task force have phoned in Mogadishu and called for a help, a new delegation from the Minister of Finance and Planning are on their way to Baydhabo to mediate. 

On the other hand, there were 3 different meeting occurring simultaneously in Mogadishu all organized by the Digil Mirifle MPs who are also voicing their dissatisfaction against the government’s handling of the New Deal Process.  In a press conference held by Lower Shabelle Regional Administrator Mr. Siidii who is in Mogadishu with consultation of Digil Mirifle MPs indicated that no one have ever approached his administration about the New Deal Process, and his constituencies were clearly excluded from the process at all.  They call the EU to interfere the issue before it escalades into a conflict between warring tribes.  The EU and the United Nations should not support for unreliable and exclusive processes.  They should not consider its agreement or compact, because it doesn’t represent the priorities of all Somalis – it only captures and represents Hawiye priorities. 

The Somali government established a New Deal Secretariat in the Ministry of Planning and Finance all employed and headed by one single clan –NOT INCLUSIVE. It is composed by a director, secretary, planning officer, coordination officer and Sadik in advisory role; all are Hawiye, no single Digil Mirifle. The government is failed to consult Digil Mirifle Parliament Members, and No Single Digil Mirifle civil society are in its Country Task Force – how un-inclusive can the New Deal Process be?

The government and its Al-Hawiye task force undertook multi-stakeholder consultations to identify only Hawiye priorities in Mogadishu, Jowhar, GalMudug and other Hawiye cities. No single consultations were held in Puntland, Somaliland, Lower Shabelle Regions.  They just went to Baidoa yesterday where they were met anger by the locals, and their consultation events suspended.  They want to draft all Hawiye compact.  

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  1. The final communiqué signed by federal government of Somalia and Juba-land state of Somalia is totally wrong on every count, wrong politically, wrong morally and wrong historically and wrong based on Somali federal constitution of Somalia, neither side gained anything value and is too bad they both can lose the credibility of the population of Somalia, how Somali people will trust their government under the (Guarantor H.E. Dr. Tedros) Chair
    Of council of foreign ministers of IGAD
    It is good for the Somali people and Somali federal government to put away childish things and end excesses, crudities and irresponsible behavior.