Tuesday, August 27, 2013


BAYDHABO - Amid growing dissatisfaction about the handling of the New Deal Process and the usual political exclusion practiced by Hassan Sheikh’s All-Hawiye government, the Digil Mirifle Regional Administration in Baidio today decided to cut all ties with Hassan Sheikh'S government in Mogadishu. 

Members of the Bay Regional Administration today called for the Somali government led by Hassan Sheikh to be inclusive and stop excluding Digil Mirifle members out of the New Deal Process.  "Only an inclusive process will work and that we can be part of," Bay Regional Administrator Mr. Biikole told reporters Tuesday after visiting with the All-Hawiye Somali Government New Deal Delegation and others during unsuccessful brief trip to Baidoa.

“All of the President Hassan Sheikh’s “New Deal” Task Force is one clan, dominated by those who have attacked us and want to dominate us and rob our territories, how can we trust them and work with them.” Said, Bakol Police Chief.  Many in the region think that the President and those in Mogadishu should have been more inclusive when they have first launched a “New Deal” Task Force if they truly intended to work on the implementation of a radical new system of aid delivery.  People in Southern Somalia who have endured more drought and famine feel that the international community have entrusted and tasked the work of safeguarding aid to the aid thieves themselves.  An elder in Baidoa said, “This is like having hyena to watch your goats, you cannot hire hyena to be a shepherd.”

Most recently, President Hassan Sheikh of Hawiye tribe excluded other tribes from the UK and Japan conferences.  Instead, he led all-Hawiye delegation to all conferences including members of his immediate family. As clearly evidenced in many reports by the UN, Somali President Hassan Sheikh has quickly gone about shaping what was once a country from balanced power-shared transition into a nation in a verge of tribal power fight. 

Several Somali regional administrators and Civil Society groups have already voiced their grievances with the EU and the United Nations.  In a Speech by UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia on the 2nd Core Group Meeting, Nicholas Kay expressed his own frustration and the lack of inclusivity in the New Deal Process led by the Somali Government under Xassan Sheekh.  “important questions remain  regarding the inclusivity of the New Deal process, especially when it comes to the  engagement of the regions, the format of the Brussels conference and expected  commitments by the international community as well as the focus and format of the post-Brussels New Deal process.” Says Mr. Kay.  

Somali government has clearly failed.  The Digil Mirifle people are not represented in this process and in the Brussels Conference.  This is causing more problems and might even lead a further conflict among Somali tribes. The fight over resources and political power is coming to light again in Somalia, all perpetuated by President Hassan Sheikh and his inner circle Damu-jadiid mafias including some of political mercenaries like Minister of Defense, Somali EU Ambassador and Deputy Foreign Minister who are all from the region but are so afraid to speak about the plight of their constituencies.

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