Thursday, August 15, 2013


The theory of a slave man is his own worst enemy is a long existed phenomenon that existed before empires.  The blessings of Somalia power sharing agreement have come at a huge cost to the people of Somalia and Southern Somalia indigenes in particular – political mercenaries, who are not representing the local people's interests in the country. 

Many locals have argued politicians such as Minister Cabdixakin Faqi, Deputy Minister Jamaal Baaroow and Minister of Commerce Moxamud Hasan are responsible for incidents such as continued starvation, unlawful arrests, increased illegal checkpoints which money are extorted from the locals, rape and locals, claim these individuals are supposed to be representing still do not serve public interest.  They are instead fueling anti-government sentiments from the locals.

Southern Somalia regions including Bay and Bakool are victims of high-level corruption, bad governance, political instability and cyclical legitimacy crisis. Consequently, national development is retarded, and the political environment uncertain. The region’s unelected but selected leadership faced a legitimacy crisis, political bias toward their selectors and masters, in an ethnically - differentiated polity, where ethnic competition for resources drove much of the pervasive corruption and profligacy. While the political gladiators constantly manipulated the people and the political processes to advance their own selfish agenda, the society remained pauperized, and the people wallowed in abject poverty, famine and severe starvation. This invariably led to weak legitimacy, as the citizens lacked faith in their political leaders and by extension, the political system led by President Xassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Saacid who are all the masters of these enslaved regional ministers like Cabdixakin Faqi, Jamaal Baarow and Moxamud Xassan.

Participation in government is very low in Southern Somalia because citizens perceived it as irrelevant to their lives. In the absence of support from civil society, the effective power of government is eroding. Nowhere in the history of mankind for example one minister transitioned or transferred regionally allocated ministerial position to his own cousin except Cabdixakin Faqi and his famous cousin once incompetent Minister of Foreign Affair Mohamed Mohamud Haji Ibrahim who was fired for allegations related to corruption and extortion against Khaatumo State of Somalia.

All of these incompetent corrupt leaders are causing many sufferings and many more angry from local Digil Mirifle clans and are the result of the worsening relations between the locals and the Somali Federal Government.  Just last week a conference was held in Baidoa called Isbedel Doon meaning ‘In Need of Change’, as many as 300 diverse groups, youth, educators and elders came together demanding change of all Digil Mirifle Ministers in Mogadisho Federal Government.  They voiced their dissatisfaction and called for the suspension of the Digil Mirifle Ministers and Leaders. 

“Daispora are not those from Europe or the US, but the diaspora are those in Mogadishu who do not know anything about their constituencies and local people that they represent.  How can there be democracy? When there is no representation.” Said one of the attendances in the meeting.  See the link

Similarly another conference was held where Digil and Mirifle Cultural and unity elders held press conference in Mogadishu, Somali capital, accused Digil & Mirifle ministers who are part of the Somali Federal Governemnt, Cabdixakin Faqi, of destructing Somali Government and called to oust all of them.

Sa’iid Omar Haji the chairman of Digil and Mirifle Cultural and unity elders told that Digil and Mirifle supported unanimously the decision of Baydhabo conference towards establishing local administration responsive to the people’s needs and added that the ministers in SFG who are in Digil Mirifle allocated positions are struggling to destruct the country and worsen relationship between locals and the government.

Haji requested Somali MPs, Speaker Jawari in consultation with local elders to select new nominees who would replace all of the current incompetent, corrupt Digil Mirifle Ministers during current reshufflement.  There are growing clan grievances and mismanagement.  Local regional communities in the South who are under constant looting and force migration are fed-up by the current government especially SFG officials who are from the Southern regions.

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