Thursday, August 29, 2013


Digil-Mirifle leaders are calling and announcing a  press conference in Baidoa in this afternoon against Hassan Sheikh, his government and Jubba agreements and the Corrupted Exclusive New Deal Initiative.

The bay regional Governor  Mr. Hoosow called for the press conference and has shared a press release with the local media in Baidoa.  Arrangements for the press conference is under way and invitations are sent to the Digil Mirifle traditional elders, civil society groups and  parties in the army.

“The agreement on Adis-ababa will bring new civil war in Jubba regions ” as the governor said.  The government of Somalia and IGAD denied and deceived the local community in the regions and we will not accept the result by any means” Said Deputy Governor Mr Shiine.

The civil society groups from Digil-Mirifle are strongly condemning the government of Somalia by misleading the right of the people politically and economically. Said Hawa Sokorow Ali Chairlady of Bay women Association.

The Digil Mirifle leaders are very angry by the recent give away of their ancestral regions to government warlords,  and therefore warn major issues that threaten the stability of Somalia and that may ignite a renewed civil war. The Somali government's new policy of aborting the federal system that brought it to power and replace it with a centralized local administration system all appointed by Somali Internal Minister in Mogadishu. The Stabilization Plan of the Federal Government for the regions is a direct rule from the centre packaged as a form of federalism as suggested by the Addis Agreement.
The Federal government’s position to the create interim Jubaland administration is illegal. They have deceived the Digil Mirifle people after they have promised the establishment of 6-region federal state.  The Federal Government is using every tool in the book including corruption to undermine the security and the political stability of the Somali regions and to foment internal conflict among the clans in Somalia.

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