Wednesday, August 28, 2013



An interview with Voice of America, Mohamud spoke of the challenges ahead of him and his hopes for the new government.  HASSAN MOHAMUD famously defended his tribalism stance in Somali politics by saying, “In a clan setting, you can only produce a clan leader; you cannot produce a national leader.”
During his country's 21-year civil war, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Somalia's president, advocated hard in establishing Hawiye domination in Somalia, and served as an intellectual supporter of key Hawiye warlords and war criminals. 

All of his staff and his administration are filled with moderate radical Islamist who all hail from the Hawiye clan, which are illegally and by force based on Mogadishu. Mohamud's clan affiliations are said to be the driving force behind the massive corruption, insecurity, nepotism and lowliness in Somalia.

Under Hassan Sheikh, Somali is heading to renewed civil war among warring tribes.  Many tribes like the Digil Mirifle are not satisfied with this clan-based government led by Hassan Sheikh. Key example of corruption and power-grabbing that this government is leader of is the exclusion of Digil Mirifle members from the New Deal Process and Brussels conference, No single Digil Mirifle was part of the ADIS ABABA conference.  How can you claim that you are government of whole nation when you are only made by a single clan? Your stupid New Deal Process was supposed to be based on stakeholder consultations and empirical analysis to identify the underlying factors of conflict and fragility that need to be addressed to achieve stability, peace and development; but all of your task force is Hawiye. Can you claim a national leader when you clearly a clan leader?

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