Monday, September 16, 2013


Large number of Digil Mirifle Communities from all over Europe some as far as from Northern America, demonstrated today in Brussels during the New Deal Somali Conference where all delegates are from Ex-Alshabaab militia’s and 90% Hawiye warlords.  Thousands of Rahawein community from Southern Somalia protested outside the Somalia conference cohosted by Somali Federal Government (SFG) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.  This comes after similar large protest in Baidoa Southern Somalia.  Similar protest is planned in Columbus Ohio where there are larger Digil Mirifle communities.  No single Digil Mirifle member is attending the conference.  They boycotted all of the New Deal Process in which they call is EXLUSIVE, and private for only Hawiye clans who are now trying to use EU aid funds to loot their lands and get upper hand or larger dominance against their community. 

All of the six regional Digil Mirifle heads boycotted the conference and did not attend the conference including Bay regional administrator, and Bakool regional president.  Only present at the conference are Digil Mirifle political mercenaries like Ali Said Fiqi and Abdihakin Faqi both who are traitors for the cause of their brothers and sisters who are suffering long years of injustices and constant land grabbing.  Ali Said Fiqi and Abdihaki Faqi are culprits of the All-Hawiye government’s Politics of Exclusion against the Digil Mirifle.  They are both sell out and have ZERO legitimacy in the eyes of the Digil Mirifle community. 

The government of Hassan Sheikh is a government that hosts and gives green light to gatekeepers of the thousands of IDP hostages in government militia controlled Mogadishu.  EU and the international community are endorsing these acts of rape and forced evictions against Digil Mirifle communities. They are leading major failure of past political settlements to accommodate Digil Mirifle clan from different regions and civil society groups.

Demonstrators are officially questioning the inclusiveness of the conference as only 2 Digil Mirifle delegates were in attendance out of eighty seven. Digil Mirifle MP in Mogadishu notes, “The New Deal Somali Compact and Conference doesn’t and will not reflect the Somali people, but reflects DamulJadiid – Hawiye Muslim Brotherhood policy and interests….both Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir [theMuslim Brotherhood envoy in Somalia] and the Hassan Sheikh [Hawiye Clan Leader] hijacked the conference as both parties decided on the outcome.”

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