Thursday, September 5, 2013


Inclusive and participatory political dialogue is a key component of the New Deal process of assessing fragility and developing a national vision.  Just yesterday the Digil Mirifle Council of Elders voiced their great concern and grievances on how the New Deal Process in Somalia was conducted by the government and how bad the government led Hassan Sheikh mismanaged the process.  First all of the New Deal Task Force Nominated the president are all Hawiye no single Digil Mirifle members are included.  “We have voiced our concerns with the President and the Minister of Finance & Planning, they have ignored us.” Said malaaq Shiino, “ we have now cut our ties and all relations with the government.  WE ARE BOYCOTTING THE NEW DEAL CONFERENCE AND ITS PROCESS.”

Also, the Governor of Lower Shabelle Region Siidi, indicated that their community were not consulted or included in any part of the New Deal Process.  “They goverenemnt has held many consultation sessions in Jowhar, Balcad, Balat Weyne and Mogadishu, but Never in our region.”

This is comes after delegation led by Somali Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning was forced to return to Mogadishu after he tried to do what seemed last minute fictitious New Deal Consultation session in Baydhabo.  Shiine Maclin Nuurow, Bay Deputy Regional Governor told media and in press release that all of the task force delegations were Non-Digil Mirilfe, we do not have a representation.  How can we receive this delegation who has excluded us before in any of the New Deal Process?” He added, “It is not Somali owned process, it is Hawiye, single clan owned process.”

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