Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Exposing Liars: Hassan Sheikh and his Government Ministers are Deceivers.

Today, Bay regional Administration led by Shine Macalin Nuurow has forcefully denied Deputy Minister’s statement and called it false and fabricated statement that is far from the truth.  He said that it is unfortunate and unethical for a government official to make such false statement or claim to have done a work that they failed to do.  “Our administrations were not consulted any of the New Deal Process.  We are categorically denied to participate in any of its process.  Our communities are NOT represented by any of the New Deal Process.  We therefore are not part of the process.  We call the process is one-sided not inclusive.”

Similarly, statements from Puntland Administration made similar statement denying any of the consultation activities highlighted by the Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning.  They call the Somalia Parliament members to investigate and questions Mr. Ibrahim about his false statements. 

There has not been any focus or effort put into holding broad consultations with the regional governments, various communities, and with civil society. The whole New Deal Process focus on Hawiye regions and few privileged Hawiye civil society groups with a massive exclusion of other Somali regions like Puntland, South West states – Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle. 

The New Deal Process in Somalia has many faults major one being – it is not INSLCUSIVE, and therefore difficult to implement.  The structure within the Somali government in view of the New Deal has many steps and directions – although it is planned by the Somali MoF&P, it is also directed and managed by the President’s Office of Policy Unit, with some directions and large interference by the Somali Prime Minister’s Office. 

The process is clearly one-sided and crowded by various interest groups within the Somali government and viewed as ways of attracting donor countries and as a new money making machines for the All-Hawiye Offices of the Somali government.

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  1. Well said and done, this is new phenomenon not a government what is happening in Somalia, Hawiye tribe has newly started and brought back the 1991 civil war and must be defeated. DIGIL n Mirif people are capable of defending themselves all the time yet Hawiye has committed worst human catastrophe ever happened in human history, they should stop by calling themselves 'GEEGII MARIDE HAWIYE OR DAAROOD' but they should join hands and power to fight and defend themselves from inhuman animals of Hawiye.